Design: Gilead Photography Logo Design Process

"Gilead means Hill of Witness" - Gilead Photography

Designed my very first handwritten modern calligraphy logo for a dear friend Hui En, who had always been capturing the people and moments around her long before I knew her years back. And right now, it's finally the time that she embarks on her long awaited full time photographer journey!

When she explained to me about the meaning of her photography logo, it immediately connected to me because the very verse that inspired Gilead Photography's logo was also the very verse that inspired me to start off my personalised wire name jewellery on Etsy - Dazzlyn Wire back in 2012. It was Matthew 5:16, "In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in Heaven".

So with her vision for her logo, I started with my calligraphy nib pen and did a few hand-lettering on paper. She wanted one main logo, and another signature for watermarking photographs.

Initially, I created the two logos requested separately. But as I converted the chosen logos from sketch to digital, I made the both G's identical and fused the mountain symbol as the tail after the signature G. So instead of having two different logos, the signature G becomes a simpler version of the main logo, composing of the G and the mountain.

I used some circles to help construct a smoothly curved G, refining it a lot from the sketch. The process itself took me many hours. And oh yes, I love my workspace!
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Name card design: Matte laminated, with spot UV on the main logo.

The best part of design to me, is to see it come to reality - especially when I get to hold it in my hands. ;)

Special thanks to Gilead Photography!
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